Sponsorship opportunities

At the conference

Members can choose from a variety of formats for showcasing products at the conference, from branded WiFi, custom-printed room key cards and banner ads on the conference app to serving up their chef's recipe featuring their product at a lunch or partnering with a local mixologist to build a signature cocktail around their ingredient.

At the annual NRA Show reception

Here's the place to show your support for IFEC by helping underwrite the event or providing cocktails and party fare starring your ingredients.

Conference Product Sponsorships

What can they do for your brand?

Create story leads

"The product presentations spark story ideas, provide culinary leads (from those companies that bring along their chefs) and make the IFEC meals and breaks very tasty.... product presentations really bring the products to life for those of us who usually just see press releases."

-- Patricia Cobe, senior editor, Restaurant Business magazine

Make memorable impressions

"They help to supplement the pitches I might get at Office Hours and I will remember when developing future editorial. For example, mangoes got on my radar (and in my editorial calendar) more because of IFEC than any other p.r. channel. A feature on different color potatoes came out of a long-ago product presentation."

--  Patricia Fitzgerald, executive editor, School Nutrition magazine

Provide product education

"I like the product presentations and I think they're great in terms of learning about an ingredient/different ways to use it on the menu/different dishes. ... I tweeted about almost every product presentation I went to, I tweeted photos too. I think they give me ideas or inspire a story..."

-- Tara Fitzpatrick, associate editor, Food Management magazine

Generate PR partnerships

"The best results are often unanticipated, such as when a food editor comes up afterwards and asks for an exclusive to feature the product or another publicist says ‘let's partner on something next time.'"

-- Don Odiorne, vice president food service, Idaho Potato Commission