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January 2016

A word from the President
Cathy Holley
Editor, Flavor & The Menu

It's nice to start off the New Year with a reason to celebrate, as it helps offset the blow of those already-broken resolutions. So, thankfully, 2016 offers IFECers a nice boost: This year marks IFEC's 60th Anniversary! In 1956, the first IFEC was held at the National Restaurant Association show, kicking off 60 years of valued industry connections. We're excited to make this a part of IFEC's communication and celebration efforts this year, and as such, on behalf of the board, I apologize in advance for the forthcoming avalanche of 60-something slogans and pitches the remainder of the year is sure to bring. Gail Bellamy's "Nifty, Nifty, IFEC's 60" (or, her alt version: "Whiskey, Whiskey, IFEC's 60") and Connie Gentry's "60 Ways NOT to Gain Weight at IFEC: Liquid Diets 101" can get us started.

The Chicago/NRA Reception will be our first opportunity to celebrate this significant milestone, and the reception committee is working up some fun ideas for an anniversary event. We'll keep you posted with details as they develop, including a change of venue this year. Also, as planning is underway for the 2016 annual conference in Minneapolis, be sure to take early note of the schedule adjustment from a Monday-Wednesday to a Wednesday-Friday event (October 26-28).

Over the coming months, we'll also provide you with reminders of ways to make the most of your IFEC membership. One benefit that has been surprisingly underused over the past two years is the Professional Development Award, which is a fantastic opportunity to cover expenses for a professional development event or activity. See below for program details.

So, celebrate in the name of IFEC, and feel free to do so all year long! And we invite you to send in your best 60th themes and ideas. "60 Ways to Shorten Meet The Press," anyone?

~ Cathy

What's a PDA? 6 need-to-knows
1) A PDA (Professional Development Award) is a reimbursement to a qualifying member to help defray expenses for continuing education/professional development activities.
2) Members of at least 3 years' standing are eligible to apply, with the exception of members of the board and the PDA committee.
3) Activities that qualify include classes, conferences, webinars, participation in most any organized program that could be expected to enrich professional knowledge and skills.
4) A PDA may be used for up to one year from the date it's granted.
5) Recipients are selected by the PDA committee based on its review of applications.
6) Applications are due April 15; applications and details are available on

Please call or email the IFEC office with questions. PDAs are funded by the annual scholarship auction. They are intended to support member education and thereby IFEC's mission. Think of it as a membership lagniappe and one you should really consider taking advantage of.

news from and about people
Joe Carbonara
, FE&S Magazine, is moderator of "Food in Motion," a free BrainFeed webinar from the NRA on January 28 at 11 a.m. CST that covers foodservice technology best practices for operators and suppliers, how retail foodservice is impacting other segments and more. To register:

Lisa Friedrich has joined Aspire Food Group in Austin, Texas, as their director of marketing. Lisa says Aspire is an innovator in the edible insect category with a focus in the U.S. on farming and processing crickets as a sustainable and highly nutritious source food protein with a low environmental impact. Connect with Lisa at

Barry Shuster
of Restaurant Startup & Growth reports that the magazine's new paperback, So, You're Thinking About Owning, Operating or Investing in a Restaurant: How to Get Into the Restaurant Business with Eyes Wide Open, was released this week and is available on Amazon.

Congratulations to Abbie Westra, CSP Magazine, on the birth of a beautiful daughter, Rowan Clare Westra, January 19th. Abbie will be on maternity leave until mid-April.

Flavor & The Menu is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Kudos to Cathy Holley and her team on a noteworthy milestone. May there be many more.

The Schwan Food Company has announced the formation of the Schwan's Chef Collective, a team of seven up-and-coming chefs that will advise the company's culinary team. CEO Dimitrios Smyrnios said the chefs' work will help the company change public perception of frozen food. Thanks to Sue Lee, Lee Public Relations, for passing the news along.

Check out the January Catersource for "As Seen in Portland, ME," Kathleen Stoehr's photo feature spotlighting IFEC conference food faves as served up by IFEC sponsors and local restaurants and watering holes.

welcome to our newest members
Sara Lancaster

Creative Director
The Condiment Marketing Co.
3724 S Xenia St
Denver, Colorado  80237 
Clients: Food and Drink Resources, Tony's Market, Chef Zieg, Epircurean Butter

Rochelle Rizzi
Director of Marketing & Communications
NACUFS/Campus Dining Today
2525 Jolly Rd., Suite 280
Okemos, MI  48864, USA
(See the media profile section on for Campus Dining Today editorial details.)

planning for the IFEC year
NRA Reception
This year's party celebrating IFEC's Diamond Anniversary promises to be a glittering affair. We hope many of you will join in as sponsors. Opportunities will include branding partnerships as well as food and drink sponsorships; fees will range from $250 - $1,000. Watch for details coming soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to talk ideas, please contact the IFEC office.

For editorial members, annual dues are $295; for other membership categories, renewals are $325 and new members are $425.

Annual conference
Block out October 26-28 (Wednesday - Friday) for the Minneapolis conference. Our conference rate at our headquarters, the Radisson Blu, is $189++; conference registration will be $500 and sponsorships/product presentations will range from $250 to $2,500. Sponsorship RFPs will go out by March 1. If you have questions or ideas you'd like to discuss before then, please contact the IFEC office.

fifties food notes
Cocktails are a basic ingredient for IFEC, not just because many of you write about them, create them or even quaff them now and then, but because IFEC was founded over cocktails. We don't know which ones (or how many), but we do know they were on the table in 1956 when a group of foodservice editors and publicists met at Chicago's Drake Hotel after a long day at the NRA show and laid the groundwork for an organization that would be called the Institutional Foodservice Editorial Council (Institutional was replaced with International in the Seventies).

10 more landmark events
New food technologies and processing methods, the emergence of the interstate highway system and an unprecedented interest in foreign cuisines that came home with returning World War II veterans all contributed to the momentous events that took root in the 1950s, forever changing the U.S. food culture.

The decade's landmarks include:
* McDonald's, Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut, and founded, with them the franchising model
* Craig Claiborne joins The New York Times as restaurant critic, establishes the 4-star rating system, introduces haute cuisine to mainstream Americans
* Julia Child graduates from La Varenne, starts work on Mastering the Art of French Cooking
* James Beard's The Complete Book of Barbecue and Rotisserie Cooking is published
* Frozen fish fingers, TV dinners and the tea bag debut
* The Schwan Food Company is founded when, in 1952, Marvin Schwan began home delivery of his family's homemade ice cream to rural western Minnesota.
* The Culinary Institute of America celebrates its 10th anniversary (1956)
* General Mills' Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook is published
* Kraft launches sliced processed cheese and Cheez Whiz
* Tony the Tiger is named mascot of Kellogg's new cereal Frosted Flakes
* Foodservice Equipment & Supplies is 8 years old when IFEC comes along

Send us your milestones If your organizations had watershed moments in the Fifties, we encourage you to share them with us. Celebrating member-organizations' contributions to the industry will make IFEC's observances even more meaningful.

2016 Annual Reception& 60th Birthday Celebration at NRA Show, Chicago - May 23
2016 Professional Development Awards applications due - April 15
2016 Annual Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota - October 26 - 28
2017 Annual Conference, Boulder, Colorado - Dates TBA
2018 Annual Conference, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina - Dates TBA

Have news? Please share it with your IFEC colleagues
Do you have a new client, new services, new feature in your magazine, and/or a 1950s watershed moment? Are you changing jobs, looking for new challenges, seeking a new staffer? Planning a wedding, expecting a baby, taking a sabbatical?  Please share your news with the IFEC community; send it to Newsletter at

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Executive Director/Newsletter Editor
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