IFEC is fortunate to have so many great members providing leadership, inspiration and service. As in all organizations, there are a few individuals who go far above and beyond the call of duty and we single them out with special awards. The big two are The Betty and The TerrIFECer.

The Betty

The Betty Bastion Outstanding Service Award pays tribute to one member annually who exhibits extraordinary leadership and professional excellence. Recipients stand out for their generosity in freely sharing knowledge and support with colleagues, for volunteering for committee work time and again, and for helping advance IFEC and the foodservice communications field.

Betty Bastion was IFEC’s first executive director. She served for nearly 20 years (and she’s still going strong). The award was created in Betty’s honor when she retired in 1991.

The TerrIFECer

The TerrIFECer recognizes a rising star. The recipient is a member of less than 10 years who has made a significant impact on the organization through a commitment to service, by contributing innovative ideas and by supporting colleagues.

Alexei Rudolf of Foodservice Connections (foreground) won The 2015 Betty.

The Bettys
Since 1991, when then-Executive Director Betty Bastion Varese retired, The Betty Bastion Outstanding Service Award has been given annually to one outstanding member. The award itself is a gold tone statuette we call The Betty. We treat her with the same level of respect that actors do The Oscar. The Betty Winners are nominated and voted upon by the past Betty Winners. These are The Betty winners:

Abbie Westra 2016
Alexei Rudolf, 2015 
Kay Orde, 2014
John Scroggins, 2013
Pat Cobe, 2012
Brent Frei, 2011
Patty Johnson, 2010
Mary Humann, 2009
Tom O’Brien, 2008
Mary Petersen, 2007
Don Odiorne, 2006
Gail Bellamy, 2005
Ann Segerstrom, 2004
Susan Hughes, 2003
Christine Dozal, 2002
Peggy McCormick, 2001
Larry Levine, 2000
Carol Lally, "Millennium Betty"
John Lawn, 1999
Karen Weisberg, 1998
Karen Johnson LaFlamme, 1997
Blake Swihart, 1996
Linda Funk, 1995
Jeanette Riechers, 1994
David Magill, 1993
Katherine Bessell, 1992
Tom Elliott, 1991

The TerrIFECers
Created in 2012, The TerrIFECer is presented to a rising star who has made important contributions in a relatively short time as a member.

Sam Oches 2016
Amelia Levin, 2015
Liz Grossman, 2014
Megan McKenna, 2013
Rachel Tracy, 2012