IFEC is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2016! It was launched by a group of foodservice editors and publicists gathered over cocktails during the 1956 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Recognizing the benefits of coming together to exchange information, they decided to meet during the show every year.

 In 1969 the group incorporated as the Institutional Food Editorial Council. Its officers included individuals from Cornell University, National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), and editors of the forerunners of Restaurants & Institutions and Restaurant Business magazines.

By the Seventies the industry had evolved, prompting a change in the name from  "Institutional Food" Editorial Council to  "International Foodservice" Editorial Council. The same year, IFEC held its annual conference in Mexico City.

Today's IFEC is comprised of 250 foodservice editors and public relations professionals who represent the leading magazines, food producers, operators, and other organizations active in the industry. Members continue to benefit from the open exchange of information that was a founding principle and has become a hallmark.

 Over the years, IFEC's scope has broadened to include annual scholarships for students pursuing careers in foodservice communications, a tuition reimbursement program for professional development courses for qualifying members, and other activities to help members build knowledge and skill.


IFEC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the overall quality of business-to-business communication within the foodservice industry and to encouraging high professional and aesthetic standards among those working in and with the foodservice media.

 IFEC’s long-term objective is to sponsor educational and other programs that encourage professional working relationships between foodservice editors and publicists and the entry of high-caliber individuals into the field.



"IFEC simplifies my job and has enriched my career. The culture of the organization encourages communication, courtesy, education, respect, professionalism, volunteerism—and fun!" -- Gail Bellamy, Executive Food Editor, Restaurant Hospitality