What is the Professional Development Award?
IFEC offers financial assistance to qualified IFEC members in the form of reimbursements for tuition or fees for continuing education/professional development activities.

Who is Eligible?
An IFEC member who has been a member for at least three consecutive years is eligible for expense reimbursement. Current board members and professional development committee members are ineligible.

Qualified IFEC members are eligible to apply/receive an award every three years with a maximum lifetime amount on awards to any IFEC member not to exceed $5000.

Maximum Award

Members may apply for an award up to $1000.

What activities are eligible for reimbursement?

Activities could be (but are not limited to): seminars, conferences, workshops, conventions, continuing education courses, advanced degrees, or specialized technology training in the fields of food, public relations, journalism, marketing communications and related areas. IFEC registration is not eligible for award reimbursement.

 A Professional Development Award can be applied towards fees for most any organized learning experience related to foodservice or the communications arts.

What are the criteria for reimbursement?
Applicants must complete the official application, which requires the following:

*The name of the activity for which you are applying for reimbursement and a complete description of the event

*The website for the activity

*The date, location and estimated cost for tuition or fees for the activity.

*A brief summary of how you anticipate participation in this event will benefit you by significantly increasing your knowledge or skills in the area of foodservice editorial or in the foodservice promotional/educational arena.

What is expected in return?
Successful applicants will be asked to:

*Write an article for the IFEC newsletter/website sharing insights gained from which others can benefit

*Provide some form of community service back to IFEC, such as working on a committee or mentoring a scholarship student

Application & Award Timeline
• The applicant will submit the application form and narratives as required by April 15th.

• Applicants will be notified as to their status by June 1st.

• Expense reimbursements will be distributed following the applicant's proof of participation and submission of invoice within one year of the committee's approval.

• Applicant will submit his "sharing of learnings" within three months of receiving reimbursement.

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