Displaying the IFEC logo

Members and sponsors are encouraged to display the IFEC logo, which is available in various formats for download from the member's page. Members must be dues-paid to display the "Member IFEC" logo.

Suggested uses:

  • • Websites
    • email signatures
    • Promotional pieces/brochures
    • Company letterhead
    • Business cards
    • New business presentations/pitches
    • Press releases

There are a few basic rules we ask you to follow in using these logos:

1. Do not change or alter the colors, type font or wording.
2. Please keep the logo in proportion when scaling larger or smaller. 

3. For business cards, only the registered IFEC member may use the “Member IFEC” logo on his/her cards. 

4. The “Member IFEC/Proud Sponsor IFEC” logos should not be used to imply endorsement of any specific product or service.
5. While a member PR or advertising agency may use the “Proud Sponsor IFEC” logo, their individual clients may not.

6. In cases where using the logo may be impractical, the phrase “Member IFEC” may be substituted.

In case a member leaves IFEC, they will be asked to remove the “Member IFEC” logo as soon as practically possible from their materials.