IFEC 2017 Board of Directors

Seated from left: Michael Holleman, Connie Gentry, Cathy Holley, Immediate Past President; Amber Hensley, Megan Bykowski, Vice President; Kathleen Stoehr, Treasurer.  Standing from left: Wendy Brannen, Patty Fitzgerald, President; Tom O'Brien and Katie Ayoub, Secretary. Not pictured: Peggy Castaldi, Susan Gunther, Doug Peckenpaugh and Gail Bellamy.


Patty Fitzgerald
School Nutrition

Vice President
Megan Bykowski
Stephan & Brady

Katie Ayoub
Flavor & The Menu magazine

Kathleen Stoehr
Catersource magazine


Wendy Brannen
Lodi Winegrape Commission

Peggy Castaldi
SupHerb Farms

Connie Gentry
FSR magazine

Susan Gunther
Marriner Marketing

Amber Hensley
The Alchemedia Project

Michael Holleman

Tom O'Brien
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine

Doug Peckenpaugh
BNP Media

Immediate Past President
Cathy Holley
Flavor & The Menu magazine


Gail Bellamy
Editor at large

Jennifer Mac Kay
Executive Director

Beth Avello
Conference Services



Standing Committees


Financial Planning & Investment
Chair: Treasurer Kathleen Stoehr
Alexei Rudolf
Barry Shuster

New-Member Orientation
Chair: Susan Gunther
Nicole Duncan
Ellen Hartman
Myra Orenstein

Member Recruitment
Chair: Bill Schreiber
Doug Peckenpaugh
Mary Humann

Food for Good Awards
Wendy Brannen
Amber Hensley
Abby Despins
Elizabeth Moskow
Kim Reddin
Linda Riedman
Derek Walls

Professional Development Awards
Chair: Megan McKenna
Kay Orde
Courtney Romano

Scholarship Awards
Co-chairs: Doug Peckenpaugh & Kathleen Stoehr
Bret Thorn
Susan Hughes

Special Programs & Events Committees

Auction to Benefit Scholarship Fund
Co-Chairs: Megan Bykowski & Tom O’Brien
Greg Avdoian
Abby Despins
Deborah Henderson
Megan McKenna
Susan Hughes

Food for Good Awards
Chair: Amber Hensley
Wendy Brannen
Abby Despins
Patty Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Moskow
Kim Reddin
Linda Riedman
Derek Walls

NRA Party
Co-chairs: Katie Ayoub & Bill Schreiber
Rachel Lake
Jamie Bowen

Chicago Regional Networker
Co-chairs: Bill Schreiber & Rebecca Kilbreath

D.C. Regional Networker
Chair: Anthony Hesselius

Conference Committees

Conference Program & Speakers
Chair: Patty Fitzgerald
Katie Ayoub
Tara Fitzpatrick

Chef Showcase
Co-chairs: Connie Gentry, Michael Holleman, Cathy Holley
Andrea Schepke
Kim Reddin

Food Tours
Chair: Peggy Castaldi
Mary Humann
Dave Zino
Meghan Pusey

Meet The Press                        
Chair: Anthony Hesselius
Amber Hensley

Office Hours

Chair: Jaclyn Glatzer
Brenda Fried
Kitty Kevin
Heather Thompson
Anthony Hesselius

Pre-conference Education Programs

Co-chairs: Mary Petersen & Brent Frei
Publicity/Media Relations in Boulder
Co-chairs:  Jena Williamson

Advisory Committees

Learning Sessions

Bob Garrison

Rebecca Kilbreath
Alison Kovaleski

Peggy McCormick

Rochelle Rizzi
Kelly Ruschman

Sponsorships/Product Presentations

updated 7/5/17