About IFEC

IFEC brings editors and PR/marketing communications professionals together to exchange ideas, share resources and confer on editorial content for foodservice-engaged readers. Member editors are the voices of the leading print and digital magazines. PR members represent food boards, manufacturers, restaurants, non-commercials, trade groups, research firms and other organizations that drive foodservice.


IFEC is a non-profit individual-membership association dedicated to improving the overall quality of business-to-business communication within the foodservice industry and to encouraging high professional and aesthetic standards among those working within and with the foodservice media. IFEC’s long-term objective is to sponsor educational and other programs that encourage professional working relationships between foodservice editors and publicists and the entry of high-caliber individuals into the field.


IFEC was launched by a group of foodservice editors and publicists gathered over cocktails during the 1956 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Recognizing the benefits of coming together to exchange information, they decided to meet during the show every year. In 1969 the group incorporated as the Institutional Food Editorial Council. Its officers included individuals from Cornell University, National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), and editors of the forerunners of Restaurants & Institutions and Restaurant Business magazines.

By the Seventies the industry had evolved to the extent that "institutional food" did not reflect the diverse foodservice segments in which members were involved. This was remedied in 1973 when IFEC held its annual conference in Mexico City and changed its name to International Foodservice Editorial Council.

Today, IFEC is comprised of 250 foodservice editors and public relations professionals who represent the leading magazines, food producers, operators, and other organizations active in the industry. Members continue to benefit from the open exchange of information that was a founding principle and has become a hallmark.

Over the years, IFEC has broadened its scope to include a scholarship program for students pursuing careers in foodservice/food editorial and public relations, professional development awards to help underwrite continuing education courses for members, and a variety of other activities that help members connect with industry leaders, explore the many facets of the food and beverage world, and add to their knowledge of foodservice and the communication arts. 

In 2016, we launched the Food For Good awards to celebrate local non-profit organizations that are improving lives and strengthening communities through the power of food. Smucker Foodservice partnered with us in presenting the first awards to three stellar organizations in Minneapolis/St. Paul, where IFEC's annual conference was being held. We will continue to honor organizations in future conference cities for transformative food programs.

Conference Cities Since 1956
1956-1963           Chicago
1964                     New Orleans
1965                     Boston
1966                     San Francisco
1967                     Washington, D.C.
1968                     Atlanta
1969                     Chicago
1970                     Carefree, AZ
1971                     Memphis
1972                     New Orleans
1973                     Mexico City
1974                     Kansas City
1975                     Montreal
1976                     Houston
1977                     Seattle
1978                     Washington, D.C.
1979                     Minneapolis
1980                     Honolulu
1981                     Williamsburg, VA
1982                     Louisville
1983                     Monterey
1984                     Orlando
1985                     Toronto
1986                     Santa Fe
1987                     Savannah
1988                     St. Louis
1989                     Vancouver
1990                     Boston
1991                     New Orleans
1992                     Tucson
1993                     Milwaukee
1994                     San Francisco
1995                     Charleston
1996                     Philadelphia
1997                     Portland, OR
1998                     San Antonio
1999                     Miami
2000                     Napa, CA
2001                     Providence
2002                     Santa Fe
2003                     Denver
2004                     Seattle
2005                     Savannah
2006                     Chicago
2007                     Austin
2008                     Cleveland
2009                     San Diego
2010                     New Orleans
2011                     Washington, D.C.
2012                     Nashville
2013                     Portland, OR
2014                     Dallas
2015                     Portland, ME
2016                     Minneapolis

A Conduit to Targeted Content

A word from Patty Fitzgerald
IFEC President and Editor of School Nutrition

Patty FitgeraldAs an editor member of IFEC since 1994, I have great admiration for its unique model of facilitating invaluable business connections between editors and publicists in the foodservice segment. Despite rapid and persistent change in the communications profession, IFEC continues to thrive, evolving in ways that allow it to remain relevant, while its core mission stays evergreen. My membership is a conduit not only to targeted content that helps me deliver high-quality editorial products, but it also helps me to grow in my career, expanding my foodservice knowledge and exposing me to fresh ideas and innovations in print and digital publications. All this and it continues to be a source of enduring friendships. I can’t imagine a better return on investment for my budget and my time.

Connections that Count

A word from Cathy Holley
Immediate Past President and Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Flavor & The Menu

My membership has a great value to me as an editor. IFEC facilitates key connections to all industry members, from restaurant, trade association and food & beverage supplier representatives to fellow editors. In my job, I rely on these relationships to help create a better editorial product, as IFEC members understand what I’m looking for when it comes to leads and supporting content like recipes and photos. But beyond this, IFEC has enriched my career simply by providing a friendly format for connections with industry representatives who are a great source of knowledge and inspiration.




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